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MRS 2000+ can be used for the following:

  • for prophylactic (a treatment designed and used to prevent a disease from occurring) purposes and to generally increase performance and energy by activating metabolism, circulation, regeneration and immune system functions.
  • To increase the general feeling of well-being by promoting sleep, relaxation and reducing stress
  • To accompany therapeutic treatment of functional disturbances in circulation as well as general cardiac, circulatory and blood pressure problems
  • Healing processes of broken bones and to support the treatment of everyday wear and tear or sports injuries such as gold and tennis elbow, bruising, sprains, strains and aching muscles
  • To accompany therapeutic treatment of pain, headaches, migraine, sensitivity to changes in the weather, rheumatic pain, etc.
  • To support therapeutic treatment of degenerative diseases of the bones and joints such as arthritis, arthrosis / pseudoarthrosis, osteoporosis or hip replacements which have not grown into the bone very well.

$120 for both LBO & RBTI sessions together


The secrets  to aging and degeneration are uncovered through viewing the life in the blood.  Looking at live blood under a microscope is an incredible learning tool and begins a fascinating journey whereby we come to understand that there is an ever changing canvas of life that develops and grows in the blood.  Together, we observe the current condition of your body at the cellular level and provide you insight into how you can begin to feel better from the inside out.

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$80 for 1 session

The idea of using a device to amp up your body’s natural healing power is exciting to think about. The claims about Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy devices run the gamut from stories about people with life-threatening diseases to simple fatigue being reversed. In fact, due to the release of PEMF therapy devices it almost looks like the days of Star Trek like healing devices are finally here! But how much of all of this is true, and whom do you believe? 

Why is PEMF therapy so important and can it really help you uncork your body’s natural healing powers? PEMF stands for Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field therapy. And the idea behind this therapy is that the Earth emits has an electro magnetic field that’s measurable in frequency and intensity. This frequency is like the fifth element. Just as you need to food, water, air and sleep to survive, your body must experience positive pulse electro magnetic frequencies.

To illustrate this fact, in the first human manned space mission, Yuri Gagarin, a Russian cosmonaut went up into space a strong, healthy man with plenty of food, water and oxygen. He returned to Earth in near critical condition after just one hour and forty-eight minutes. The critical missing element for Yuri that caused his condition was a lack of PEMF.  Then, there’s the famous Faraday cage where studies have proven with both lab animals and human subjects that when they were not exposed to PEMF’s because of the cage, in a matter of hours they exhibit problems of bone loss, muscle weakness, depressed metabolism, and in humans, depression.    

Let’s break down the components of PEMF. First you have frequency, which is the number of cycles divided by time. Think of it as a radio station you tune into. Then there’s Intensity of these frequencies. You can think of it as the volume for that radio station. Of course you know to tune into a radio station, you have to dial in the right call numbers with the volume at a decent level to benefit from that station. Well it’s the same thing with PEMF.  You see the Earth has an electro magnetic field with a frequency of 7.83 Hz. Your body is tuned into that frequency and fills it’s need for PEMF’s by benefiting from what the Earth puts out. But there’s one big problem. 

Just as your body must have air to survive, if you live in a smog-ridden city or an area that pumps lots of pollution into the air, the air you breath may contain less oxygen and may be quite dirty and that’s not good for your health. Well it’s the same thing with PEMF today.   In the last thousand years the Earth’s magnetic field has fallen by 30 percent. That means your body is getting less PEMF than normal. But there’s more.  Nowadays, especially in much of the first world countries, the infrastructure and technology we live in, is preventing us from getting the PEMF our bodies must have. For instance, many people wear rubber-sole shoes and work in steel-reinforced skyscrapers or in workplaces surrounded by concrete.  These buildings and reinforced homes block out the positive frequencies our body requires. Many people who fly on planes for long periods of time often complain of jet lag. This too is partly caused by the body not being fed these positive frequencies, as the passengers are 30,000 feet above the ground, encased in a metal tube. Then there are the cell phone towers, computers, PDA’s and so many electronic devices that emit what’s called “electro-smog”.  And this smog acts just like smog you might see in a large city. It’s pollutes the atmosphere, and drowns out healthy oxygen. Well electro-smog blocks out healthy PEMFs and can negatively affect your cell metabolism. 

Here’s the interesting thing about not getting enough PEMF’s. When your body is deprived of food or water, your body signals you with hunger pain and thirst so you correct the problem. But when you have a PEMF shortage no such signal is sent however you start to feel weakness, impaired perception and depression.  
And this isn’t just opinion, it is based on 7,000 research papers and 1,000 clinical studies. There’s actually video you can watch of a person with a severed fingertip re-growing it in real time because it’s receiving these positive frequencies!  You see we’re hard-wired to nature’s intensities and frequencies and when the body’s need for these frequencies is adequately supplied, good things happen. 

In Asia, it’s well documented that PEMF therapy helps people who suffer pain and fibromyalgia.  Now here in North America, due to government red tape, no one can directly promise or guarantee that PEMF therapy offers you concrete benefits even though over 1,000 clinical studies prove it works. And the proof is in the pudding. You might be surprised to know that PEMF is used by more than 400,000 people and 4,000 athletes in Europe and there are several athletes and celebrities in the US using it such as Shaquille O’Neal, Terrell Owens, Lance Armstrong, Muhammad Ali, Roger Moore, Tony Robbins and many others.  NASA and the Russian Space Program depend on PEMF machines. So keep this in mind. 

Your body is composed of about 10 trillion cells and each of those cells is like a battery and those batteries run on the same frequencies as that of the Earth’s. When those frequencies are weakened or disrupted your cells work at a weaker vibration. So if something works on a weaker level then you’re not getting all the benefits outs of it that, right? So what are the long term consequences of weaker cells? What’s the flip-side of that? If your cells are fully-charged and working at maximum power then you enjoy the benefits of strong healthy cells that operate at peak performance. Isn’t having a body that functions at its best what we all want? 

That’s what PEMF therapy does for you. By continuing to be hit with negative frequencies, and weakened positive frequencies you’re missing out on the life you could be having. So let’s turn things around and energize your health by taking advantage of the positive frequencies nature intended. 

How does this therapy work? You simply lay on a mat or sit up against one laid inside of a chair and the device is turned  on to the right settings and in about 8 minutes you should feel much better.