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Healthy Habits Wellness Center


Testing is specific to YOUR individual circumstances at the particular time of the observation.  The results will reveal which indicators are not in the optimal health range, which will determine a specific course of action.  Your ability to follow the action plan will determine the results you will have.  Your body chemistry will adjust, after which you will want to discover what to change next.  The goal is to achieve optimal health through a regimen of regular testing and personal actions.Type your paragraph here.

Nutritional testing indicates whether a particular lifestyle is beneficial or detrimental for any individual.  This screening yields information which is helpful in determining where the person's diet and lifestyle can be altered to improve body chemistry.  The goal is to identify what nutrient content is missing and what area of the body is being affected.

Analysis of urine and saliva are conducted and compared to the known values of perfect human health.  It does not diagnose any disease, but instead can be used to suggest changes that can be made to bring the body into a healthier range of operation.  Then the body can more efficiently uptake nutrient content and create healthy cells.

​Recommendations may include dietary factors such as altering the intake of water, fats, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, salt, minerals, vitamins, etc., as well as exercise, rest, chiropractic care, massage, colon hydrotherapy, etc.

So many health issues and imbalances can be seen by this simple test.  The numbers will show which lifestyle adjustments need to be made for optimal energy, mental clarity, digesting and glandular support.  When those are balanced, everything in the body works better at the cell level.  The primary objective of this evaluation is to educate us about our body's processes so that we will be able to correct the cause of any body malfunction, rather than deal with the effects (symptoms, disease) Why guess when you can be sure?

$80 for initial session

​$35 for 15 minute check ups

$25 for each additional 15 minutes