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MicroCurrent Facial Pricing

Ultimate Lift                           $130 (90min) 

Get the wonderful skincare & relaxation benefits from this luxurious MicroCurrent Facial. This Facial is the essence of Holistic skincare. The hand/arm massage, decollette, scalp massage layered throughout your Holistic Microcurrent facial will put you in a relaxed state from your mind, body and spirit.

Red Carpet Lift                      $80 (60min)

This Microcurrent Face Lift will take all the stress out of your face.  It starts with facial cleansing to remove impurities such as blackheads to allow for healthy hydration in the epidermis, followed by a Customized Medi Facial mask for deep absorption while the Microcurrent lifts and strengthens your facial muscles.

Eye Lift, Lip Plumper,  Neck lift

These are a Quick Pick Me Up Microcurrent treatments  for targeted muscle therapy, great for an add on to your current Customized Medi Facial for an extra face lift.

                                                  $40 (20 min)     

MicroCurrent Facial: "A Non-Surgical Facelift"

"Where healthy body is our mission, younger looking skin our passion, and state of the art Smart Microcurrent technology our creation." -Tama Research

Would you like to take a few years off your face? You can easily get results with MicroCurrent Treatment, which is a form of electrical massage that allows your face to attain better health naturally.

This non-invasive, holisitic modality is closest to the body's own healing state (which is what our Skincare department is passionate about), promoting homeostasis through re-balancing of ionic transport in the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layers of the skin. Our system uses a unique Multi-Mode Waveform stimulation provides simultaneous muscle toning and re-educating, thus providing both short- and long-term benefits without inflammation.

No other aesthetic service can come close to these proven results:

  - Diminish appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.                                - Improve Circulation

  - Acne treatment Clear up/reduce acne                                                   - Improve muscle tone in face, neck, & hands

 - Lift jowls and eyebrows                                                                             - Calm rosacea 

 - Drain lymphatic nodes                                                                              - Treat sun damage 

 - Improve skin pigmentation                                                                       - Facilitate production penetration

 - Skin tighten large pores, resulting in smoother firmer skin              - Revitalize the skin

 - Improve elasticity                                                                                        - Acne Scar tissue improvement 

 - Has helped strengthen facial muscle challenges (like Bell's Palsy)

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Want to learn more?

What is the Blue Onyx Microcurrent?

TAMA’s Blue Onyx Microcurrent produces subtle levels of electromagnetic waves that reside on the surface of the skin. The energy field around the probe tips normalizes the magnetic distribution around each cell, facilitating a better ionic exchange that may have become disrupted due to aging. The goal is to allow the body to heal itself and find its optimum balance, similar to the effects produced by massaging the tissue, but more accurate.