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Many people eat to compensate for imbalanced emotions, stress, or comfort food.  They get "joy" from eating instead of defining joy as something achieved through right relationships and more meaningful activities.  Without those sources of happiness, they reach for the quick fix of "food" filled with chemicals or refined carbohydrates to fill the void.  Since this doesn't really correct emotional imbalance, it will have to be continuously repeated, resulting in poor health.

The best approach is to determine what the stressors are, redefine joy and happiness, and feed the glandular system, especially the adrenals, to be able to physically handle emotional stress more effectively.


​Anyone would be hardpressed to find anything at the average grocery store that doesn't have refined sugars, artificial flavors, colors or chemicals of some kind.  The average american diet has been filled with these addictive substances from a very early age.  While the body can survive for a while with this inundation of unnatural contents, there is always a negative effect on the health of the body eventually.


When you feel the urge, stop and take inventory of your body's level of real nutrition, hydration, emotional balancing and chemical dependency.​  If you decide to reach for food, make sure it is real, nutrient dense, enzyme rich food.  No one became more unhealthy by eating great healthy snacks when true hunger arises.

Some people try to eat less and exercise more.  When physical demands are more than the intake of nutrients, the body becomes "hungry".  If the nutrients demanded are missing, the body will draw from muscle tissue and leave the fat.

Many may even want to staple their stomach or use some other creative way to forcefully prevent them from eating too much.  This again is only a temporary band-aid approach.  Eventually, the true cause of hunger will still need to be corrected for permanent results


Our bodies require nutrients daily if we want to perform daily.  When our body does not have the right nutrients, it is "hungry".  When certain nutrients are low there can be specific cravings.  Some people may swallow large quantities of "food", but that "food" could be void of any real nutrients; they stuff their stomach until it can hold no more thinking they are full.  However, since it was only empty food they ate, the body is still "hungry" (nutrient deficient) an hour or two later when the empty food has moved along.  So they reach for more empty food and the cycle spirals downward, out of control. 

Most people today struggle with weight issues. A big issue with those who are unhealthy or have weight to loss is hunger.  If only they could just not eat and stop the hunger, they believe they would finally lose weight. Some want to take 'appetite suppressants' to keep them from eating junk. While this may help temporarily, eventually, when they stop taking those, they go right back to eating the same junk as before and expect a different result. 

The solution to stop eating junk is to correct the reason for wanting the junk!