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"I recently had a live blood observation and colon cleanse and it was amazing! Truly awesome how they knew health problems I have had without me saying anything. I recommend Healthy Habits to everyone!"

-- Dec 2014

I was diagnosed with Scleroderma 2 years ago (auto immune disease) by my doctor. He said it was incurable and gave me a prescription for pain medicine and said to come back when it got worse. My other doctor gave me anti- depressants but I felt worse. My family and I were very sad and worried. I went home to try and do vitamins, eat right and any exercise I could do in my condition and even though my blood test looked better it did not make me feel better and I could feel that I was still getting worse inside.  I had very tight skin, numbness, cold and blue hands, legs and feet. My tongue had fungus and there is much more that I can't list. Then my dear friend brought me  to Healthy Habits Wellness Center where we looked at my blood to see where the root of my issues may be coming from and to  start following a suggested program. I am so glad to say that I am already feeling better and have a sense of hope now. Thank You  

-- A.C. from Charlotte, NC


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I used to have bad allergies in the spring  but this spring came and I realized I did not have them (yay). I also used to only have a bowel movement every 2-4 days and now I am going every day which makes me feel so much better.

-- R.R. Charlotte NC

" I highly recommend colon hydrotherapy with Bonni at Healthy Habits Wellness Center in Cornelius, NC. The facilities are clean and relaxing- like a spa. Bonni has a warm, welcoming personality and really makes you feel comfortable. After my first session, my head felt clearer and I had more energy. Subsequent sessions have also reduced my sugar cravings. I was happy to feel the benefits so quickly and plan to be a regular customer"

-- V.S. of Charlotte,NC  10/20/13